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For a few years now I've been making .gif animated versions of visual poems, or what was in the past referred to as concrete poetry. I've been regularly appropriating (usually with permission) the work of poets like Gary Barwin, Gregory Betts, Derek Beaulieu, Judith Copithorne, Amanda Earl, Anthony Etherin, Dona Mayoora, Volodmyr Bilyk, Federico Federici, CDN Warren, Eryk Wenziak, Petra Schulze-Wollgast to name a few. I have also periodically found myself exporting some of my analogue studio work to ones and zeroes and you'll see a few of those here as well.

Gary Barwin

These animations emerged out of my Master's studies in Complit several years back where I came into contact with a number of contemporary Canadian poets, many whose work took the form of visual poetry (among many other "things"). I was simultaneously taken with the ideas percolating in avant-literary currents in visual and conceptual poetry; specifically work focused on the expanded field of appropriation, work commonly referred to as conceptual poetry. Fast forward a few years and while doing some work in photoshop it occured to me that I could appropriate examples of visual poetry by making a static image move, and the result would become a sort of re-reading/framing/etc. of the original "text". In some cases these animations are playful and simple homages, and in others the results expand the original object, pushing it out into other possibilities. In the end these efforts are also a conversation of sorts between the original work and myself.

As digital hyper-objects these works assume no physical form and carry no capital value. As they are shared widely in/on/through the ether of the internet they are in fact .gifts to any who might wish to enjoy them. They are also, first and foremost collaborations.

I will eventually create a blog style page that will be a continuing home to all of these works that will be added to regularly as I make them, but for now this small gallery gives you an opportunity to view a small sampling of the large number of .gif animations I've created since 2017.

To view the full-size animations in a full browser just click on the moving image.

Derek Beaulieu


Eryk Wenziak


Anthony Etherin


Dona Mayoora


CDN Warren


Federico Federici


Arnold McBay




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